RICARES - Grievance Procedure

Recovery House Grievance Procedure

RICARES will handle all recovery housing complaints respectfully and professionally. The person filing the complaint may request to speak to a staff member whose gender most closely reflects their own identity.

Our complaint process is a vital part of maintaining safe recovery housing in Rhode Island. The complaint process will address violations of existing housing certification requirements. Filing a complaint, also known as a grievance, is a way to resolve an interpersonal conflict that a resident believes may negatively affect his/her/their recovery; the complaint process also serves to resolve conflict between residents and the house manager, operator, or organization. The Complaint or Grievance Process is a tool for residents living in recovery housing to be able to advocate for themselves.

The complaint process shall not be used as a threat to keep recovery residents, managers, and operators in “compliance” with the house rules. The complaint process shall protect recovery house residents from violations of their human right to live in safe and secure housing as certified by the State of Rhode Island.

The RICARES Grievance Process includes, and is not limited to, a fact-finding investigation, attempts to mitigate the situation, and ultimately recommendation of RICARES leadership, hereafter referred to as the Grievance Committee, to the standing of Certified Recovery Homes and/or actions related to their certification.

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RICARES will independently alert the proper authorities if there appear to be any criminal complaints, uninhabitable conditions, or if imminent threat of harm. If you are in immediate danger, please call 911.

To file a Grievance, open our Grievance Form.

Complainant is the person that files the grievance. We will also use the term ‘person filing complaint’ which means the same thing as complainant.

Respondent is the person that is the subject of the grievance and/or is responsible for responding to the grievance. We will also use the term ‘person responding to complaint’ which means the same thing as respondent.

Grievance Committee means the Leadership team at RICARES and a RICARES Board Representative.

Executive Committee, Board of Directors means the elected officers of RICARES’ Board of Directors: Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer.

NARR is the National Alliance of Recovery Residences.

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