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RICARES Report to the Community: The Opioid Accidental Overdose Death Epidemic

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This report responds to the questions: How did we get here? What is being done now? What can be done? RICARES spent time in the community with folks directly affected by addiction and the overdose epidemic to explore these questions.

~“Corporate America let their profits get in the way of public health.” ~former head of the DEA Office of Diversion Control

~We view recovery as the most critical, but least emphasized, element of the Task Forces strategies. This is due in part to the relative dearth of recovery research. It is also due in part to the failure of those of us in recovery to adequately educate the public and policy makers about recovery.

~In Nashville, the drug court is attached to a 100 bed long-term residential center, where people are put in treatment for as long as two years. This saves Tennessee $32,000 over what it costs to house an inmate.

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